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Nonsurgical Face Lift

Nonsurgical Face Lift in Saratoga Springs, NY

Tone and Sculpt Your Face with Our Ionix Ultimate Microcurrent Treatment

A Microcurrent facial is called the “nonsurgical face lift” because of its powerful, age-defying results. By using bio-electrical stimulatory currents, Microcurrent improves muscle tone, strengthening facial muscles and giving a non-invasive face lifting effect. If you are concerned with the signs of aging and don’t want a procedure that requires downtime, Microcurrent is perfect for you.

Full-Spectrum Aesthetic Treatment with Celebrity Favorite IonixLight

The Ionix Ultimate Facial experience is our most advanced non-invasive facial treatment that combines all of our science-backed treatments into one amazing session. It’s the perfect monthly facial treatment to keep your skin looking its best and to keep your collagen production stimulated to reduce the signs of aging. This treatment is great for all skin types as we customize the products and modalities we use to your particular concerns. This treatment was made famous by Madonna who raved about it on social media. 

Integrated Therapy for Renewed Skin

Ionix Facials deliver maximum skin refinement to visibly improve skin texture and complexion, and results continue to improve with more treatments. The Ionix Facial is designed for providing glow, lift, and relaxation. Starting with Andrew’s signature facial massage technique, your face is cleansed, then oxygenated, drained, hydrated, and toned with our different modalities including LED light and Myolight microcurrent. When you need to be ready for the red carpet or an important event, look no further than the deep cleansing and intense results of the Ionix Ultimate Facial from Skin By ASK.

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How Ionix Facials Work

With 6 targeted steps, our Ionix facials deliver the best combined results that modern aesthetic technology has to offer.

Step 1
Diamond Dermabrasion

Achieve deep exfoliation with diamond dermabrasion. A specialized handpiece utilizes suction via a wide range of diamond encrusted tips. These tips are ergonomically designed to fit the face, eyes, lips, and body. This promotes a deeper, more thorough exfoliation which is vacuumed to multiple filtration systems, resurfacing and polishing the skin with no downtime.

Step 2
Edema & Lymphatic System Cleansing

Also called Negative Pressure Therapy, this treatment is used to stimulate lymph flow and remove toxins from the body. Doing this strengthens the functions of tissue, promotes blood circulation, and improves the appearance of cellulite on the neck area.

Step 3
High Pressure Oxygen Spray

This tool delivers moisture rich oxygen onto the deepest layer of the epidermis, which activates cells, stimulates blood circulation, and increases hydration. 95% pure oxygen is activated through a process called Pressure Swing absorption, which kills surface bacteria for cleaner, healthier skin.

Step 4

This innovative tool couples full spectrum LED light and continuous 3MHz transducer waves creating the Piezoelectric Effect. This effectively penetrates the skin approximately 3 cm to deliver vitamins and nutrients through the phonophoresis process. Your nutrient-boosted skin will look and feel stronger and healthier.

Step 5
Myolight Microcurrent

Utilized with full-spectrum LED light, the Myolight delivers a low-level energy current to your skin. This mimics the body’s natural current and provides instant toning and contouring deep below the surface to the facial muscles. This also stimulates adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which drives the creation of structural collagen and elastin. With increased collagen, your face will continue to develop youthful fullness and radiance. 

Step 6
LED Light Therapy with Oxygen

In this last step, you’ll relax under our treatment lights and a soothing O2 mist. The OxyLight injects 95% pure, dry Oxygen through the 12 nozzles on the full spectrum LED Light Panel. The IonixLight releases a gentle Negative ion mist (pure, Negatively Ionized Oxygen) from one center based nozzle while utilizing blue, yellow, and red LED Light Therapy. Your skin will look radiant and feel fully refreshed.

LED Colors

Different LED colors offer different wavelengths. Their ability to penetrate to various depths covers a wide range of therapeutic applications. RAJA Medical heads allow you to work with the full spectrum of this light, during simultaneous therapy.

Cell Rejuvenating

Penetrates to a depth of 415 nm. Combination of blue and red light. Increases cell regeneration and renewal. Helps with lymphatic drainage.


Penetrates to a depth of 470 nm. The most preferred alternative solution for treating mild acne vulgaris. Kills P. acnes bacteria, reduces inflammation and sebum secretion.

Hyper-pigmentation Reducing

Penetrates to a depth of 525 nm. Inhibits melanin production in the basal layer of the skin. Improves overall skin complexion, evens out skin tone.

Redness Reducing

Penetrates to a depth of 590 nm. Helps with inflammation, sunburn and rosacea. Speeds up healing process.


Penetrates to a depth of 640 nm. Triggering the release of ATP. Stimulates collagen and elastine production. Combats wrinkles and other signs of aging. Speeds up cell renewal process.

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Ionix Facial FAQs

Our Ionix Ultimate Facial is a relaxing 90 minute treatment. Investing in your skin’s future health should be an enjoyable experience, and as one of our top luxury treatments, Ionix facials are a fantastic way to take care of yourself.

Ionix facials help treat fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, acne,  scars, hyperpigmentation, and enlarged or clogged pores.

You’ll be able to see visible results after your first treatment but between 6 and 8 Ionix Facials are recommended to start seeing the best results possible. Discuss your treatment plan with our aesthetician to determine the recommended number of Ionix Facials for you. To get started with a consultation or to book your appointment, contact Skin By ASK today!

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