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Skin Care & Custom Facials in Saratoga Springs & Latham, NY

The Skin By ASK Method

At Skin By ASK, we don’t generalize treatment to arbitrary skin types. Instead, we focus on a client’s unique Skin Instant to determine what issues and conditions are currently present. This allows us to provide a customized treatment plan so that you see the best results possible after every visit.


Intensely cleanse and moisturize with one of the most powerful skin resurfacing treatments on the market.
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Our custom facials deliver personalized treatment for your unique Skin Instant to provide the best results.
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Nonsurgical Face Lift

Discover the toning power of non-invasive microcurrent treatments to give your face a natural lift.
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Increase collagen production and rejuvenate your skin by activating your body’s natural healing abilities.
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RF Microneedling

Boost the healing properties of your microneedling treatment with radio frequency enhancement.
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Our range of popular laser services can eliminate unwanted features, save you time and money on waxing or shaving each week, and boost collagen for healthier-looking skin.
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Chemical Peels

Clear and cleanse with our many chemical peel options to make room for new, clearer skin growth.
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Skin Tightening

Tone and tighten the lax or sagging skin on your face to create a fuller, more youthful appearance.
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By treating all layers of the skin in one treatment, the synergistic effect is addressing all the signs of aging that naturally occur.
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Botox & Fillers

Enhance your naturally beautiful features with safe and time-tested dermal fillers and neuromodulators.
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IV Therapy

Our infusions deliver the key vitamins and minerals your body craves.
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The Skin By ASK method is designed to determine precisely what treatments and attention your skin needs to achieve the best-looking results and healthiest complexion.

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