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Vascular Reduction
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Vascular Reduction in Saratoga Springs & Latham, NY

Comprehensive Treatment for Unsightly Veins

Whether it’s the natural aging process or working a job that requires long periods of standing, unsightly veins harm our confidence and limit our ability to enjoy social events without feeling the need to conceal parts of our natural selves. With cutting-edge laser technology, Skin By ASK can remove those stubborn veins for good!

We use a Long-Pulsed Yag laser to close spider veins permanently. Our laser converts energy into heat to crumple the unwanted veins, and that blood finds another, less visible path toward wherever it needs to go. Reclaim your skin and your wardrobe with vascular reduction!

How Vascular Reduction Works

At Skin By ASK, we use a Long-Pulsed Yag laser to reduce spider veins while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Laser light is converted to heat within the vein, collapsing and destroying it for good. Your body will find another route for the blood that is healthier and less visible. Once closed for business, spider veins gradually dissipate and disappear. 

Vein laser treatments are the premier way to restore confidence in your skin! By using cutting-edge laser technology you can eradicate any displeasing veins so that you can confidently and freely enjoy whatever life throws at you in Saratoga Springs and Latham, NY!

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Vascular Reduction FAQs

After being treated with our Long-Pulsed Yag laser, the veins are permanently destroyed. Our laser heats up the unwanted veins, causing them to collapse and shut. After each session, your spider veins will become lighter and eventually disappear. It’s important to note that laser vascular reduction treatments cannot prevent new spider veins from occurring. To guard against new veins, you’ll need to address the underlying issues that contribute to the formation of spider veins in the first place.

Every vein treatment is unique. The time of treatment depends on the size, type, and area of the vein being treated. Since they’re smaller in size, spider veins can typically be treated in as little as 15 minutes. We may suggest multiple laser vein treatments to achieve your desired results.

The vascular reduction process may cause some mild discomfort. Many patients describe the feeling of treatment as a mild stinging sensation or a rubber band being snapped against the skin. If you’re worried about discomfort, a topical anesthetic can be applied, but often, patients find the treatment to be completely comfortable. Some redness and swelling may occur after treatment, which can subside in the following weeks.

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