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300 – 2HRS

A treatment beloved by many celebrities including Madonna, Gisele, Naomi Campbell, models, actresses and more! The Ultimate Ionix experience is our most advanced non-invasive facial treatment that combines all science-backed treatments into one amazing session. Starting with Andrew’s signature facial massage cleansing technique to work out your facial muscles followed by diamond dermabrasion to exfoliate the skin, providing deep exfoliation to prepare the skin for the pure Oxygen (O2) therapy and LED Light Therapy. Next, you are treated to a lymphatic system cleansing with negative pressure on the face and the neck. Deep hydration is then applied through a high pressure oxygen spray.

The exclusive Biosonix combines ultrasound with LED light to deliver serum, moisturizer, and vitamins deep inside the living epidermis while also having a skin tightening effect. One of our most popular modalities is the Myolight microcurrent combined with LED light to firm, tone, tightening, contour, and retrain the scaffolding muscle structure one your face. It’s like a workout for your face! As a last step, you will relax underneath the IonixLight LED light panel as pure Oxygen with Negative Ions is silently absorbed into the skin. It is truly an experience that will have you immediately ready for the red carpet or an important event. It makes the perfect monthly facial treatment to keep your skin looking it’s best and to keep your collagen production going to reduce the signs of aging. This treatment is great for all skin types as we customize the products and modalities we use to your particular concerns.


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